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Are We Environmentally Friendly?

There is virtually no trash. Yes it is true; there is virtually no trash. Our machine grinds whole beans from the internal hopper. Unlike other coffee machines, there is no packaging for the coffee or any of the ancillaries to throw away – no paper filters, no aluminum cups, no pods, no pouches. Nothing. As we like to emphasize – great coffee without the waste and packaging.

Exhausted coffee grounds are dropped into an internal bin for collection and composting. Home gardening enthusiasts are more than welcome to take all they like, as coffee grounds make for wonderful organic fertilizer. Nothing toxic is involved at any point.

Wastewater from the automated cleaning cycle is collected in a sealed, internal bin for collection and disposal.

How Does The Coffee Taste?

Whole Bean, Single Cup! Nothing is fresher than fresh ground coffee.

The only way to have whole bean freshness is to grind whole beans fresh for every cup, and that's just what we do! Our "one touch" Gourmet coffee machines deliver a wide selection of different hot, delicious, freshly made beverages, all in seconds, with the touch of a button.
Every cup of gourmet coffee starts with fresh coffee beans, ground just for that cup, using pure water and only the finest ingredients so that every cup is perfect.

How Does The Free Trial Work?

Getting Started

Upon receipt of your request for a Free Trial, we will respond via email and or phone to arrange a site visit with you. We will discuss with you the placement of our equipment, the number of employees, customers and visitors that will have access to it and our flexible options for long term placement, should you choose to continue with our service after the FREE trial period.

Getting To Know You

We will want to know about your current habits and beverage preferences, as we have a wide variety of gourmet beverages to please the most discerning customers. We are dedicated to superior service and satisfaction in every way.

If we feel that your business will truly benefit from our service and that it can provide our company with an opportunity to serve you long term, we will confirm your Free Trial arrangements by providing you with a confirmed start date.

The FREE Trial Begins

When our service commences and the equipment is installed, we will set the equipment to provide all beverage choices for FREE, for a No obligation Free Trial** (subject to conditions below).

After The FREE Trial

After the “Free Trial“ period is complete, you will have the option to choose from our 3 different payment models for ongoing service. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, there is no obligation to continue beyond your Free Trial period. We are confident that you will love what we do and how we do it.


We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue our Free Trial and service to any business, at any time and for any reason that we feel may be detrimental to the best interest and safety of our equipment, staff or business objectives. There are times when we have many more requests for service than we can manage. In such cases, our potential customers and businesses requesting a Free Trial are put on a waiting list and informed promptly when equipment and staff are available. The business location agrees to provide adequate space and electricity for the equipment as well as reasonable access to our staff to provide service.

How We Save You Money?

No more waste

Traditional pour over coffee systems (the old coffee pot), result in stale and burnt coffee being poured down the drain by the pot full. We have all done it, but rarely added up the cost of all that discarded coffee. The Office Barista system produces each cup on demand, fresh from the bean with no waste whatsoever.

No more theft

Although the latest trend of pod or K-Cup® based systems produce fresh brewed regular coffee at the push of a button, they lack cost control. Businesses report wide spread theft of the pods or K-Cups® by employees and customers alike, resulting in dramatically increased costs. The Office Barista system produces fresh brewed regular coffee and Gourmet beverages, without the coffee supplies being subject to theft.

No more lost employee time

The key to any businesses' profitability is the productivity of its employees. Today’s workforce wants Gourmet quality coffee. If not available in the workplace, they will leave the place of business to get it. The Office Barista system provides your staff with the Gourmet beverages they want right in your own workplace, saving many hours of employee productivity every week.

Good coffee at work = Happy staff

Simple, happy staff equals productive staff. Productive staff equals savings.

Our Service

Morning Jo is a full service Gourmet coffee solution, meaning there is nothing for your business or employees to maintain or do. Morning Jo on site service includes refilling the machine with all consumable products, cleaning and sanitizing the equipment, performing preventative maintenance, and in the event of a malfunction, repairing or replacing the machine promptly. We are dedicated to superior service and satisfaction in every way.